Recent Features for Wattpad Novels

While 2021 has been immensely challenging in personal ways, this year has been extremely kind in terms of Wattpad promos.

  1. To start, there was the aforementioned Panic Pause with Amazon for The Night Reporter (May).
  2. My erotica novel, Jonna’s Fantastical Sexcapades, was featured on the WP HQ Beach Reads list during the summer.
  3. Next, Daughter of Zeus was featured on the WP HQ list (August).
  4. Piece Simul was featured by WP HQ for Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept-Oct).
  5. Jonna’s Fantastical Sexcapades was featured again, this time on the WP HQ Fresh Reads list (Oct).

I’m very lucky to have my work featured in any way. Likewise, this has generated more reads and reader-interactions for all my work. This extra boost has inspired me to finish Jonna’s Fantastical Sexcapades (outline is finished!). I also plan on finishing and posting my latest, Dark Anchor. I know I should finish transcribing In the Compound first, but I always bounce around projects.

Thank you, WP community!

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