November Baking Exploits

I won’t lie. I’ve not baked or written as much as I wanted to this past November.

However, I did try a few recipes, particularly for Thanksgiving.

First, I did try the British Baking recipe I was looking forward to. Did it come out perfect? Nah. Kids gobbled it up? Yes.

For Thanksgiving, I made a few appetizers, like bacon cream cheese balls, and savory pumpkin empanadas (with Gruyere, garlic, tomatoes, parsley, and paprika).

Both were pretty easy, ’cause the balls required no baking, and I made the empanadas in the air fryer:

Bacon Cream Cheese Balls with Chives and Walnuts

Lastly, there’s this coconut milk brownie recipe. I know, sounds weird, but they were very cake-like and yummy in a unique way. The kids showed me the recipe from one of their Highlights magazine, which actually called for mochi flour. Even though I replaced that with regular flour, I’d recommend these coconut brownies anytime.

Coconut Milk Brownies topped with Raspberries

This next month of December, I hope to bake a lot more. If so, I will torture you with more pictures.

As for writing, I will self-motivate to finish more chapters by doing a trade-off: try a new recipe only after finishing a chapter.

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