Making the Perfect Macaron


These little bastards have evaded perfection for me for years.

I’ve loved them. I’ve hated them. I’ve found a “great” recipe, only to find my macarons turning out hollow, lacking feet, or just altogether collapsing.

Now, I truly have found a great recipe, full of useful tips for making the perfect macaron. After using this recipe twice, I can testify that it works. See for yourself by trying the recipe with this link.

I’ve probably shared the link before, but I’m sharing again because I’ve figured out a few things that helped me. They may or may not work for you:

  1. Run the sugar (the one for the meringue) through the food processor before slowly adding it to the whipped egg whites.
  2. Do as the recipe says and run the almond flour + powdered sugar through the food processor. However, when you’re ready to fold the meringue and dry ingredients, use the sieve to shower the meringue gently with the dry ingredients. Do this in batches, maybe adding a 1/4 cup of dry ingredients at a time. While this sounds like a pain-in-the-ass, it’s not that bad, as the dry ingredients should already be in the sieve/bowl after being in the food processor. All you have to do is make it rain, fold dry ingredients gently, then make it rain some more! This process really seemed to help the macarons stay smooth and achieve a skin (which is necessary for setting up the macrons to have “feet,” or rise properly, while baking).
  3. Just like the recipe suggests, after piping them onto the silicone mats, allow the macarons to sit out in a cool spot for 40-60 mins. This is what really helps achieve that necessary skin (along with all the other shit the recipe tells you to do).

By following the Preppy Kitchen recipe, and adding these steps, my macarons have been consistently yummy. I actually enjoy making them these days, which is a win.

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