The Genius of Pizza Balls

Pizza Balls.

No, not the awesome-looking pizza balls featured in Dr. Strange 2:

I mean the pizza balls I’ve probably posted about before from Delish. Their site refers to the recipe as a pull-apart Christmas tree, but it’s easier to call them pizza balls. And you can make them anytime. I finally created a non-soggy bottom batch, and they were delicious.

All you need is:

1. Mozzarella sticks

2. Pizza dough (Pillsbury canned dough turned out better than Publix dough fresh from the bakery. Go figure)

3. Melted butter

4. Parsley (other seasoning per your preference)

5. Minced garlic

6. Olive oil.

7. (optional) Shredded parmesan once they’re finished.

My suggestion that differs from the Delish recipe? Instead of egg wash, I brushed the balls with olive oil before placing them in the oven. I’ve nothing against egg wash. I was out of eggs at the time, and olive oil seemed to work better to achieve that golden hue. As the picture shows, I’ll have to work on wrapping them better so the cheese doesn’t escape (only happened to a few and they were still eaten).

I’ve made pizza before, but wanted a change. So, using the recipe from Delish, I made pizza balls. They were quick, easy, and my kids keep asking me to make them again.

Under much peer pressure and hunger, I’m sure I’ll give in to their request soon.

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