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Walking on Sunshine


I’m lucky to be an educator and have a summer break to spend with my kids. During summer, I typically only have to teach one online class. This leaves time for fun in the sun.

Every sunny afternoon, it’s time for a dip in the pool. This is one of my favorite times of day, and my kids enjoy striking a summer-esque pose:

Rockin’ sunglasses compliments of their Titi

Our backyard is huge! It’s part of why we bought the house in the first place. Initially, it was all dirt and leaves. Slowly, we cleaned up the backyard and made it ours.

There’s room enough for the kids to enjoy art time in the shade:

Inflatable easel from Target. Only use watercolor paints on it!

My husband’s favorite part of the yard is under the palm tree, reading a book in his father’s day gift:

Comfy two-person hammock

We’re not the only ones enjoying the backyard. My kids spotted a black snake, who we keep away from:

We do get out of the backyard on occasion.

Like to see a good movie. We really enjoyed Thor: Love and Thunder. To remind me how important it was to go see it, the kids slipped this note under my bedroom door:

As summer winds to a close, I’m sad and excited.

I’m sad that the leisure time will end. However, I’m excited to start a new semester and meet new students who will inevitably inspire me.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer!


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