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Pocketful of Rainbows

I’m not really into baking cakes.

For me, it’s too many steps to take for something I could buy from someone who can do it way better. Also, I’m not a big fan of eating cake. Cookies? All day, everyday. Cakes? Meh.

However, for birthdays, I acquiesce to those I love.

My seven-year-old requested a rainbow cake for his birthday.

So, I started with bowls of the rainbow-y colors I had available. Not all the colors of the rainbow, as my kid so aptly pointed out:

These crème brule ramekins were the perfect size for the cake I needed to make. After all, it wasn’t for a big party but for four people. More like for two kids, because my husband enjoys cake about as much as I do.

I had extra batter, so I combined them side-by-side in another cake mold:

After layering and frosting the mini-cake, it came out looking alright.

I even attempted a chocolate drip from the top:

Cutting into the cake was the most fun for my kid.

He enjoyed all the layers and telling me how yellow is his favorite color:

Next time, I might attempt a cake with sprinkles in the middle, just to torture myself.


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