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The Empty Page

I’m floored to announce another non-fiction text from McFarland, forthcoming in 2023 or 2024:

The work was inspired by a co-written article from 2021 in KOME, “Tug of War: Social Media, Cancel Culture, and Diversity for Girls and The 100.”

My colleague and good friend, Allison Budaj, is co-editing this anthology with me for McFarland.

Our call-for-papers attracted several unique submissions, such as chapters titled:

-“‘An Absolute Travesty’: Probing Parasocial Relationships and Audience Negativity in HBO’s And Just Like That…”

-“‘Ragnar Will Always be Our King…’: The Intersectional Reception of the TV Show Vikings on YouTube” 

-“Unfulfilled: Queerbaiting, Audience Reception, and Cancel Culture in Supernatural”

I’m excited for the release of this anthology. Several television shows were included for analysis, like Schitt’s Creek, The Wonder Years (2021 reboot), The 100, Fear the Walking Dead, and more.

With competing streaming platforms, the landscape of television is changing and I feel privileged to examine this phenomenon with other scholars.


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