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Shake It and Bake It

You know I can’t stop making stuff.

Baking is my latest stress reliever. A way to challenge myself. A way to relax after grading papers.

In terms of challenging myself, I’ve made raspberry cakes that looked as adorable as they did formidable:

I also tried my hand at panna cotta. My friends and kids enjoyed, but my husband did not like the texture. I created a plain batch and some with cranberry jelly and chocolate on top:

To relax, I always turn to my old favorite baking exploits: key lime pie and macarons.

To make the key lime-ing go a bit faster, I cheated and bought the pre-made mini-pie shells from Publix. They were easier to eat, too:

For this round of macarons, I spread sprinkles on top:

Most likely, my next endeavor will be fresh pasta. I’ve feared making fresh pasta for years, but I feel slightly less afraid now.

Cheers, and I suggest trying the recipes linked above!


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