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Amazingly Stupid Apps to Waste Time

“Hey, check this app out.”

My husband nudged me in the side, showing me his phone. He wanted me to know about a song app called Revive. It was 9pm on a Friday night.

Two hours later, and we were both still hunched over our phones, howling with laughter as we transformed picture after picture into short song clips.

We decided that the best pictures were ones in which someone was grimacing. This proved particularly true for my youngest as seen here.

For some reason, the app would not recognize my dog’s face. Then, we figured out it was because her fur is brown, same as our floor, and the app couldn’t recognize her face.

If you have two or so hours to waste (trust me, you have no choice. Once you start, you can’t undo this terrible download), try Revive.

My husband and kids also recommend:

OmniSci Tweet Map

Dalle E 2





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