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Treats for the Season!

I was once an anti-pumpkin dessert person (save pumpkin pie, naturally).

Maybe it’s a sign of getting older and crazier, but I’m pro-pumpkin dessert now. Not pumpkin lattes or pumpkin oreos. I’m no monster.

But pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting? Yup.

I didn’t use fresh pumpkin. I made these on a day I just needed to bake, and using a premade “pumpkin cake” mix was easier to doctor up rather than use fresh ingredients. Realistically, if I make something, and it tastes good, I don’t really care about fresh versus canned or boxed ingredients. In my house, it’ll get eaten either way.

Concerning the cream cheese frosting, I did make that 😀

A few days later, instead of throwing away some aged bananas, I mashed them up and made banana muffins.

Rather than flat tops, these muffins rose and created a nice dome. I found a recipe here that incorporated white vinegar, which made these muffins even yummier.

Enjoy the fall season, and enjoy even more treats!


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