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Roll With Me

I’ve posted roll cake creations on here before.

They’re one of my favorite things to make, besides macarons.

After watching little kids make a decorated roll cake on Junior British Bake Off, I told myself, “I can do that.”

Cue printing designs, creating the pattern, freezing said pattern, and then pouring the roll cake batter on top.

Like most baking things, this was easier and way more fun than I thought:

Which is why I made a cherry and strawberry version.

In the spirit of rolling baked goods, I also made cinnamon rolls:

They featured very long tails, which I’ll know to tuck away for the next time. The long tails didn’t stop my kids from eating the lemon, cranberry, and blueberry concoctions.

One more rolling escapade in the form of Churro Donuts. I used a recipe from Michael Silverstein’s New Keto Cookbook:

I highly recommend this cookbook because the recipes are relatively simple, healthy, and delicious.

So many baked goods to roll, or roll about on a counter top.

Enjoy the holiday season!


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