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Creep It Real in the New Year

2023. A new year and a chance to celebrate.

At my house, Halloween is the most celebrated holiday.

I constantly argue with my husband about how early is “too early” to put up the decorations. I constantly win this argument, to the tune of a few days earlier each year.

Besides decorations, my favorite part of Halloween is the food. It’s fun to see what people across the internet come up with, and mimic it best I can. For instance, this past Halloween, my kids had fun creating broom cheese snacks while I crafted toes in a blanket:

Likewise, my friend and neighbor found a cheeseball recipe that was delicious and adorable:

Amazon had fun gizmos to add to Halloween parties, like drink IV bags and needles. I of course enlisted my kids in filling them up while I continued decorating.

Their hard work paid off, because the guests enjoyed the novelty of party punch that looked like blood:

Next year, I’m excited for more snacks, and more bloody ideas.



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