November Baking Exploits

I won’t lie. I’ve not baked or written as much as I wanted to this past November. However, I did try a few recipes, particularly for Thanksgiving. First, I did try the British Baking recipe I was looking forward to. Did it come out perfect? Nah. Kids gobbled it up? Yes. For Thanksgiving, I madeContinue reading “November Baking Exploits”

Baking Experiments of 2021

I love baking. It helps me de-stress to follow a set of instructions, and then have an end result. To some degree, writing can be like baking. When I’m working from an outline, it feels like that. Then, just like in baking, the end product will be worthwhile, or headed for the trash. Similar toContinue reading “Baking Experiments of 2021”

2021 Watty’s Shortlist

Holy crap! Daughter of Zeus made the cut for the 2021 Watty’s Shortlist. This includes being considered for Best Cover by Canva! I’m beyond excited. While this nomination doesn’t guarantee anything, it still validates my process for the story somewhat. Knowing that I’m not just shoveling these stories into the ether helps me keep writing.Continue reading “2021 Watty’s Shortlist”

Recent Features for Wattpad Novels

While 2021 has been immensely challenging in personal ways, this year has been extremely kind in terms of Wattpad promos. To start, there was the aforementioned Panic Pause with Amazon for The Night Reporter (May). My erotica novel, Jonna’s Fantastical Sexcapades, was featured on the WP HQ Beach Reads list during the summer. Next, DaughterContinue reading “Recent Features for Wattpad Novels”

Forthcoming Non-Fiction Book From McFarland

In the Spring of 2022, my research will be released by McFarland in a non-fiction format, tentatively titled “Sometimes We Come Back…Again”: The Latest Cycle of Diversity in Horror. The book expands on diverse horror, recognizing the process as cyclical, to include examinations of diverse television and recent Hispanic horror novels. Right now, it’s inContinue reading “Forthcoming Non-Fiction Book From McFarland”

Promotion with Amazon Prime Video-Panic Pause-

I’m very excited to announce a new chapter in The Night Reporter, published this past summer. In celebration of Amazon Prime Video’s newest series Panic, I teamed up with Amazon Prime Video and Wattpad to write this exclusive chapter that puts my characters from this story into the world of Panic! Peek at the chapterContinue reading “Promotion with Amazon Prime Video-Panic Pause-“

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