Stormy Nights Reading Challenge on WP

I’m a participating author of the 2022 Stormy Nights Reading Challenge where readers win cool prizes. If you like reading, and you like prizes, this challenge is for you: Check out the challenge book here!

Shake It and Bake It

You know I can’t stop making stuff. Baking is my latest stress reliever. A way to challenge myself. A way to relax after grading papers. In terms of challenging myself, I’ve made raspberry cakes that looked as adorable as they did formidable: I also tried my hand at panna cotta. My friends and kids enjoyed,Continue reading “Shake It and Bake It”

The Empty Page

I’m floored to announce another non-fiction text from McFarland, forthcoming in 2023 or 2024: The work was inspired by a co-written article from 2021 in KOME, “Tug of War: Social Media, Cancel Culture, and Diversity for Girls and The 100.” My colleague and good friend, Allison Budaj, is co-editing this anthology with me for McFarland.Continue reading “The Empty Page”

Pocketful of Rainbows

I’m not really into baking cakes. For me, it’s too many steps to take for something I could buy from someone who can do it way better. Also, I’m not a big fan of eating cake. Cookies? All day, everyday. Cakes? Meh. However, for birthdays, I acquiesce to those I love. My seven-year-old requested aContinue reading “Pocketful of Rainbows”

Walking on Sunshine

Summer. I’m lucky to be an educator and have a summer break to spend with my kids. During summer, I typically only have to teach one online class. This leaves time for fun in the sun. Every sunny afternoon, it’s time for a dip in the pool. This is one of my favorite times ofContinue reading “Walking on Sunshine”

Making the Perfect Macaron

Macarons. These little bastards have evaded perfection for me for years. I’ve loved them. I’ve hated them. I’ve found a “great” recipe, only to find my macarons turning out hollow, lacking feet, or just altogether collapsing. Now, I truly have found a great recipe, full of useful tips for making the perfect macaron. After usingContinue reading “Making the Perfect Macaron”

Editing Like Mad

Most of my summer days have been overtaken by editing. This is not outside the scope of normalcy for me. However, it’s not often that I edit non-fiction. Sometimes They Come Back Again: The Latest Cycle of Diverse Horror Fictions is the non-fiction title I’ve been editing. The work builds off Robin Coleman’s Horror Noire:Continue reading “Editing Like Mad”


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