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Sound and Savory

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again—there is a magic to a nice, warm dinner when it’s butt-ass freezing outside. This winter, I’ve enjoyed making dishes for my family that are easy, crowd-pleasers, and delicious. Three simple dinners I love making (and eating): When I come home from work tired and not wantingContinue reading “Sound and Savory”


The Stoc-King: Elf Mischief

Though it’s January, I’d like to pay homage to the Elf on the Shelf, and my husband’s relentless pursuit in capturing this mischievous creature. In 2022, the Elf officially set up a front door near the Christmas tree: After that, December was a rollercoaster of cute shenanigans and spiteful pranks. There were cute strolls withContinue reading “The Stoc-King: Elf Mischief”

Creep It Real in the New Year

2023. A new year and a chance to celebrate. At my house, Halloween is the most celebrated holiday. I constantly argue with my husband about how early is “too early” to put up the decorations. I constantly win this argument, to the tune of a few days earlier each year. Besides decorations, my favorite partContinue reading “Creep It Real in the New Year”

Roll With Me

I’ve posted roll cake creations on here before. They’re one of my favorite things to make, besides macarons. After watching little kids make a decorated roll cake on Junior British Bake Off, I told myself, “I can do that.” Cue printing designs, creating the pattern, freezing said pattern, and then pouring the roll cake batterContinue reading “Roll With Me”

Let’s Get Together

For such a long time, my kids have begged me to combine frosting in one bag and make a rainbow-frosted something. For such a long time, I waved them off. They’d watched too many baking TikToks with me was the problem. Then, I gave in. Still trying different piping methods and learning new things (asContinue reading “Let’s Get Together”

Treats for the Season, Part Deux

There’s something about Fall that makes Shepherd’s Pie even tastier. It’s a dish that tastes great year round, but when it’s colder out—-*chef’s kiss* A friend told me about a recipe that includes red wine. After trying that, I’ll never go back to any other recipe. Find a Shepherd’s Pie recipe that you like, orContinue reading “Treats for the Season, Part Deux”

Treats for the Season!

I was once an anti-pumpkin dessert person (save pumpkin pie, naturally). Maybe it’s a sign of getting older and crazier, but I’m pro-pumpkin dessert now. Not pumpkin lattes or pumpkin oreos. I’m no monster. But pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting? Yup. I didn’t use fresh pumpkin. I made these on a day I justContinue reading “Treats for the Season!”

Once More, With Feeling: WPSN22

I’ve already posted about this, but it’s worth repeating ’cause you can win freeeeee stuff! I’m a participating author of the 2022 Stormy Nights Reading Challenge (aka WPSN22) where readers win cool prizes. If you like reading, and you like freeeee stuff, this challenge is for you: Check out the challenge book here!

Chocolate Cake

I mentioned watching FX’s The Bear in a previous post. I mention it again because that chocolate cake Marcus makes. Omg. Every time he pours the chocolate ganache on top, I die a little. And I’m not even a fan of cake. Or all-chocolate cakes. I much prefer cookies (as you well know) or aContinue reading “Chocolate Cake”

Amazingly Stupid Apps to Waste Time

“Hey, check this app out.” My husband nudged me in the side, showing me his phone. He wanted me to know about a song app called Revive. It was 9pm on a Friday night. Two hours later, and we were both still hunched over our phones, howling with laughter as we transformed picture after pictureContinue reading “Amazingly Stupid Apps to Waste Time”