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Treats for the Season!

I was once an anti-pumpkin dessert person (save pumpkin pie, naturally). Maybe it’s a sign of getting older and crazier, but I’m pro-pumpkin dessert now. Not pumpkin lattes or pumpkin oreos. I’m no monster. But pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting? Yup. I didn’t use fresh pumpkin. I made these on a day I justContinue reading “Treats for the Season!”


Chocolate Cake

I mentioned watching FX’s The Bear in a previous post. I mention it again because that chocolate cake Marcus makes. Omg. Every time he pours the chocolate ganache on top, I die a little. And I’m not even a fan of cake. Or all-chocolate cakes. I much prefer cookies (as you well know) or aContinue reading “Chocolate Cake”

The Genius of Pizza Balls

Pizza Balls. No, not the awesome-looking pizza balls featured in Dr. Strange 2: I mean the pizza balls I’ve probably posted about before from Delish. Their site refers to the recipe as a pull-apart Christmas tree, but it’s easier to call them pizza balls. And you can make them anytime. I finally created a non-soggyContinue reading “The Genius of Pizza Balls”

Making the Perfect Macaron

Macarons. These little bastards have evaded perfection for me for years. I’ve loved them. I’ve hated them. I’ve found a “great” recipe, only to find my macarons turning out hollow, lacking feet, or just altogether collapsing. Now, I truly have found a great recipe, full of useful tips for making the perfect macaron. After usingContinue reading “Making the Perfect Macaron”

What I’ve Baked Lately

By now, you’re most likely aware (whoever and wherever you are, maybe my head) that I enjoy baking. Baking de-stresses me. It used to be only one thing de-stressed me, and that was writing. Yet, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that writing, amazing as it is, is sort of like work. I enjoy itContinue reading “What I’ve Baked Lately”

Challenging Myself

In my last post, I wrote about how I’ve been riding a baking high. As I’d hoped, it’s taken me to new baking spaces. Well, new and old. I finally feel more confident in making macrons. So much so that I played around with flavors and made a lemon frosting, with raspberry filling. I hadContinue reading “Challenging Myself”

Baking Bread

I don’t make bread often. It scares me. I’ve made breadsticks, but hardly ever a loaf. However, I hate wasting ingredients, which forced me to make bread. For instance, when making macrons, the recipe calls for egg whites. Afterward, I looked up new recipes and ended up making brioche bread with the egg yolks. Then,Continue reading “Baking Bread”

Christmas: Nom Noms

Winter Break brings with it festive vibes, cooler weather, and more time to baaaaake! There were so many fun things to bake, but I’m sharing my favorites here. As promised, I tried my hand at creativity, and these were the results: The mini pavlovas were hard to make, but not as hard as I expected.Continue reading “Christmas: Nom Noms”

November Baking Exploits

I won’t lie. I’ve not baked or written as much as I wanted to this past November. However, I did try a few recipes, particularly for Thanksgiving. First, I did try the British Baking recipe I was looking forward to. Did it come out perfect? Nah. Kids gobbled it up? Yes. For Thanksgiving, I madeContinue reading “November Baking Exploits”

Baking Experiments of 2021

I love baking. It helps me de-stress to follow a set of instructions, and then have an end result. To some degree, writing can be like baking. When I’m working from an outline, it feels like that. Then, just like in baking, the end product will be worthwhile, or headed for the trash. Similar toContinue reading “Baking Experiments of 2021”