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All Things with Cake

Cake makes the world go round. Right after cookies and love, of course. During the 2022 holiday season, I made a lot of cake-like desserts. My favorite was the mini upside-down pineapple cakes. This is a dessert I wasn’t a fan of as a kid. Making these (and tasting them) as an adult has changedContinue reading “All Things with Cake”

Chocolate Cake

I mentioned watching FX’s The Bear in a previous post. I mention it again because that chocolate cake Marcus makes. Omg. Every time he pours the chocolate ganache on top, I die a little. And I’m not even a fan of cake. Or all-chocolate cakes. I much prefer cookies (as you well know) or aContinue reading “Chocolate Cake”

What I’ve Baked Lately

By now, you’re most likely aware (whoever and wherever you are, maybe my head) that I enjoy baking. Baking de-stresses me. It used to be only one thing de-stressed me, and that was writing. Yet, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that writing, amazing as it is, is sort of like work. I enjoy itContinue reading “What I’ve Baked Lately”

Just Another (Birthday)

This year, I’m 36. Or, as my husband painstakingly reminded me, we’re supposedly more than halfway through with our lives. I then reminded him that my grandmother lived until she was 88. Old lady that I now am, I still had a great birthday, all thanks to my husband. I expressed interest in seeing theContinue reading “Just Another (Birthday)”

Challenging Myself

In my last post, I wrote about how I’ve been riding a baking high. As I’d hoped, it’s taken me to new baking spaces. Well, new and old. I finally feel more confident in making macrons. So much so that I played around with flavors and made a lemon frosting, with raspberry filling. I hadContinue reading “Challenging Myself”

Baking Experiments of 2021

I love baking. It helps me de-stress to follow a set of instructions, and then have an end result. To some degree, writing can be like baking. When I’m working from an outline, it feels like that. Then, just like in baking, the end product will be worthwhile, or headed for the trash. Similar toContinue reading “Baking Experiments of 2021”