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Sound and Savory

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again—there is a magic to a nice, warm dinner when it’s butt-ass freezing outside. This winter, I’ve enjoyed making dishes for my family that are easy, crowd-pleasers, and delicious. Three simple dinners I love making (and eating): When I come home from work tired and not wantingContinue reading “Sound and Savory”


Treats for the Season, Part Deux

There’s something about Fall that makes Shepherd’s Pie even tastier. It’s a dish that tastes great year round, but when it’s colder out—-*chef’s kiss* A friend told me about a recipe that includes red wine. After trying that, I’ll never go back to any other recipe. Find a Shepherd’s Pie recipe that you like, orContinue reading “Treats for the Season, Part Deux”