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Treats for the Season, Part Deux

There’s something about Fall that makes Shepherd’s Pie even tastier. It’s a dish that tastes great year round, but when it’s colder out—-*chef’s kiss* A friend told me about a recipe that includes red wine. After trying that, I’ll never go back to any other recipe. Find a Shepherd’s Pie recipe that you like, orContinue reading “Treats for the Season, Part Deux”


Christmas: Nom Noms

Winter Break brings with it festive vibes, cooler weather, and more time to baaaaake! There were so many fun things to bake, but I’m sharing my favorites here. As promised, I tried my hand at creativity, and these were the results: The mini pavlovas were hard to make, but not as hard as I expected.Continue reading “Christmas: Nom Noms”