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Once More, With Feeling: WPSN22

I’ve already posted about this, but it’s worth repeating ’cause you can win freeeeee stuff! I’m a participating author of the 2022 Stormy Nights Reading Challenge (aka WPSN22) where readers win cool prizes. If you like reading, and you like freeeee stuff, this challenge is for you: Check out the challenge book here!


Orange Ink Guest Podcast

Awhile back, I talked up the fact that I was a guest star on a Wattpad-themed podcast. Welp, the day has come, and the episode has been released today! And you guessed it, I’m experiencing that good-ish feeling. You can find the link for the latest episode here. Listen to hear me and Karis discussContinue reading “Orange Ink Guest Podcast”

More Podcast Stuff!

Lately, like all hipster nerds with time on their hands, I’ve become obsessed with podcasts. I listen to them while baking or while cleaning, which is a nice change up from listening to audio books. Thus, I was thrilled to be featured on the Getting LOST podcast in January. I was even more thrilled toContinue reading “More Podcast Stuff!”

2021 Watty’s Shortlist

Holy crap! Daughter of Zeus made the cut for the 2021 Watty’s Shortlist. This includes being considered for Best Cover by Canva! I’m beyond excited. While this nomination doesn’t guarantee anything, it still validates my process for the story somewhat. Knowing that I’m not just shoveling these stories into the ether helps me keep writing.Continue reading “2021 Watty’s Shortlist”