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Fiction Writings

“The Dead Show” is an anthology building on the zombie lore as established by classics such as “Night of the Living Dead,” and expanded upon by “World War Z” and “The Walking Dead.”

Like the aforementioned tales, these shorts are not really about zombies. Instead, they’re an exploration of survival and the human condition.

Ready yourself for an international array of zombie-ness, to include:

Bio Hazards
Desolate Wastelands
Political Dystopias…

And more!


simul /ˈsɪməl/ noun

1. a shortened form of simultaneous

  1. a display in which a player plays a number of games simultaneously against different opponents.

The Storm eradicated those sixty and older. There might be a cure, but not on Earth. After each newly discovered planet, a team finds their minds and bodies changing. They’re haunted by their pasts, and by the fanatical Green-Eyed faction. Decades into their journey, they must decide if they can complete the mission parameters, or default to back-up protocol.

This star-bound research team stumbles upon what it means to exist in the vastness of space, against the ticking clock of a dying planet.


A young woman with electro-sonic cabilities begins a revenge mission to kill a father she blames for everything wrong in her life. Ada’s life changes with her electric abilities. She blames her father for her husband’s death, and fears being discovered by the Prominent-run State. Unusual citizens are labeled Undesirable, never to be seen again.

Yet, Ada has little to lose when her mother lands in the hospital and needs money for a new synth. She drives to Atlanta, intent on finding her father, making him pay, and killing him. However, he’s no longer the alcoholic she remembers. Brontes has transformed into a Congressman with a family and a new name, ready for a Senator’s seat.

Ada’s scheme lands her on the Undesirable list, leads a stranger to stalk her, and stunts her relationship with her newfound siblings. Soon, she has to decide which is more important: a vendetta, or forgiveness.


Go to work. Grade papers. Brush off a crazy soon-to-be ex-husband. When Jonna Lopez receives an invitation from a near-stranger, she drops everything for a weekend of fun.

As the weekend evolves into much more, Jonna explores many facets of herself, with a few other near-strangers…

Will the irresponsible twists and turns spill over into her very adult-filled life? Of course!


Jeremiah wants to choose his path, but in NewAndover, gender decides every role. Survivalist compounds dot the landscape of an Earth ravaged by nuclear winter. New Andover thrives on threats and conditioning, until the stranger from the stars arrives.

Jeremiah wants to be an enforcer, like the other boys. Except, he is assigned the role of archiver. The arrival of the star-bound stranger forces him to reexamine everything he thought he knew…Naltag is a commissioned explorer, and finds signs of life on a once barren planet known as Earth.

Although Naltag tries to remain impartial, Jeremiah is soon in need of rescuing, if only to save his little sister from a slave-like existence in the compound.


When the city falls apart, and humans become something other, three people fight to survive the New World. Juniper Jones is an empath with a past full of love lost and death. When the city starts to crumble, she feels at home in the darkness. Her job as a prostitute makes for easy living, as she can anticipate her client’s emotions. She never imagines using her abilities to help anyone, until she meets Ashley Heard. Ashley witnesses her father’s murder at the hands of home invaders and is forced to flee a decaying city. When she meets Juniper, she has no choice but to follow the only adult who hasn’t yet tried to kill her. Meanwhile, a twelve-year old boy chronicles his experiences as a captive in a deranged man’s basement, all the time wondering about the fate of his friend, Ashley. Together with other captives, he plans an escape. However, once Outside, the survivors encounter monsters of a different kind. Despite their hellish surroundings, three people manage to briefly connect in their efforts to navigate a strange and harsh New World.


“A set of likable characters and innocent viewpoints creates an interesting read from three sides of the same city. Though the stories interweave with one another, they’re set in different times, like segments in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. ‘A Gray Life’ is worth checking out for fans of horror.” 
-Horror Cult Films UK 

“Pages after pages of dark, disturbing society which has apparently gone to hell in a hand basket. I couldn’t rip my eyes from the pages.” 
-Johanna Panko, Goodreads 

“This story is emotionally-charged and mesmerizing but should not be read by the faint of heart.” 
-Wendy, Goodreads



Featured on @fright ‘s “Top Paranormal Reads” list Imogen can see the future, not that it does her much good. When ancient spirits come knocking, seeking re-entry into the human world, she struggles for answers. Yet, truths are easier to come by only after the spirits hijack her body.

Imogen’s gift makes her vulnerable to preternatural influences. Knowing this, she moves back to Graydon to start a new life. Her childhood friend, Rafe, seems to know more about her powers than she does. When another psychic foreshadows her death, she tries her damnedest to prevent it.

Imogen’s true test of character arises when she is forced to stop the body-thieving demons from destroying all of mankind.



Tania Sanchez can barely juggle studying for SAT’s and training for the biggest surfing competition of her life. Her one escape involves fantasizing about living as something else, living as a mermaid. It’s not until she wipes out on her board and is rescued by one that she actually believes her fantasy is far more possible than she ever dreamed.

Events are further complicated when she learns she has to compete against her friend and mentor, Caleb. Tania doesn’t know how to tell Caleb how she really feels, especially when she starts falling for her new mer-friend, the one with red skin who might need a bit of rescuing, too.


Retail workers have the least chance of being haunted, hurt, or killed. At least, that’s what three cashiers assume. When Temple, Marilyn, and Martine meet little Sienna, they find out how wrong they are about job security.

Sienna triggers the appearance of the Dark, an elusive Shadow that never leaves.

Follow the women down the paths of their surprisingly complicated lives, leading to a dark future for…

Temple, as the head of a crime syndicate
Marilyn, as the rich housewife
Martine, as the political prisoner

Everyone meets their end. What part does the Shadow play in shaping who they’ve become?

Featured on, on the reading lists for:





An underpaid retail worker grapples with an alcoholic wife and volatile home life, giving in to create a female replicant in a dystopia veering toward full-mechanization. For Ty, the surreal drudgery of working in a retail environment is interrupted when robotic interfaces are installed at his job. Any protest of the machines will prompt Prominents to place him in a re-education program, and that’s if he’s lucky.

In an effort to distract himself from a failing marriage, Ty becomes obsessed with the idea of a printing a live composite. In a botched job, he ends up printing a female version of himself.

Thanks to his clone, Samantha (or Sam as she insists being called), Ty and his family are in danger of being jailed by Prominent forces. A dangerous life of hiding in plain sight is nearly impossible to pull off, especially when Sam strays from simple Prominent edicts by dating a woman.

Ty’s reality begins to unravel and he is forced to new truths, all while coming to terms with the full-force of mechanization and violence that surrounds him.

[Previously FEATURED]




  ***One of four Honorable Mentions for the Diverse Writer and Diverse World Grants from The Speculative Literature Foundation***


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